Portable Manipulators

Posilift can supply a range of portable manipulators.  These are often needed when (i) the reach of the manipulator is not sufficient to reach all parts of the work area and (ii) it is not possible or not feasible to use overhead tracking to cover the extra distance.

The Famatec Gingo is a manipulator specifically designed for portability.  It is not limited by the availability of factory compressed air.  The Famatec Gingo generates its own venturi vacuum using a battery powered air compressor mounted on the ground trolley.  This allows off-site and outdoor use.  It is commonly used by builders and shop fitters for lifting large glass panels off a truck or for lifting and positioning glass windows for fitment on a shop front or building.

Manipulators can also be designed with ground wheel support trollies so they can be wheeled to different areas or work stations with or without a load.  All they require is clean dry air.

Manipulators can also be attached to a moveable base plate for easy re-location using a pallet lifter, forklift, or similar.


Rigid Articulating Arm Manipulators are ideal for the repetitive handling of heavy or off-centre loads.

Cable Balancing Arm (Soft Arm) manipulators that are ideal for rapid movement of light ongoing loads.