Vacuum Lifters

Posilift Australia can supply a wide range of Vacuum Lifters.  Vacuum Lifters can be integrated into our manipulators and balancers or can be supplied as independent operating equipment that can be attached to hoists and cranes.

Posilift Australia can supply the complete Armtec Vaccuum System including Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. 

Vacuum Lifters can be used for a wide range of applications including sheet metal handling, glass walls handling,  cement slabs handling, stone handling, pipe handling, coil handling, food handling, granite plate handling and so on.  Vacuum Lifters can be attached to manipulators, balancers, hoists or cranes.

Their features include security protection such as vacuum generators with a leak alarm device in the event that an air leak occurs or if there is insufficient air pressure; and bolted on suction cups to enable easy removal for maintenance or replacement.


A vacuum liter tooling will be custom designed to suit your product.  The bag handling tooling consists of two handles on the top of the large suction cup.  The suction cup will ‘grip’ on the large area of the bag that is facing up.  The switch from the ‘no-load’ to the ‘load’ circuit will be automatic as soon as the vacuum in the suction circuit is sufficient to lift the bag.  The bag is released by squeezing the two handles on the tooling.  This allows air to enter into the tooling head breaking the vacuum seal and releases the bag.

Vacuum is generated by an electric turbine. The electrics are IP55 protected and mounted on a column. A 415 volt 3 phase power supply is required for the electric vacuum motor.